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I define Business-Design as the practice that lays at the junction of Branding, Business Strategy, and Human-Centered Design. This practice that evolves the concept of design thinking is an essential discipline for any modern enterprise. This discipline requires to think and act beyond the norm. In a Customized Keynote, I explore how to apply these principles for a specific company or institution.


Like in a sophisticated game of chess, the strategy is the way and number of moves in which we will checkmate our opponent. Strategy is an art! It’s an expertise that is acquired through study, experience and practice. In this session we analyze how to craft effective strategies and how to approach strategy with a flexible mindset and be ready to react to external conditions.


There is an intrinsic correlation between knowledge and creativity. Combining knowledge in unique and unexpected ways is a matter of practice, but the longing for knowledge is generally innate. Only when we are there, at the edge of uncertainty, pushing the boundaries of our own personal knowledge, only then will we find authentic development and true creative expression. In this keynote, I discuss how to foster creativity and craft environment for creativity to thrive.


We are all seduced by the idea of pushing the boundaries of our humanity. To multitask like an advance supercomputer. The reality is that this behaviours impacts our Efficacy (Results/Objectives) and our Efficiency (Results/Costs). In this session, we will discuss the Art of Time Management, some techniques and how to achieve maximum productivity with minimum waste of resources.


Surprisingly enough empathy is an acquired skill, not an innate one. The ability to understand and share the feelings of another requires training and a good deal of shift in perspective. We can though willingly modify our emotional state to relate to others. In this session, we will explore techniques and practices to develop core values and promise.


Most of the times the real drivers to our actions are influenced by external factors. Ranging from achieving social-proof to fulfill basic needs. The real reasons why we act towards something are more complex than simple reaction. This session, Is crafted to complement the strategy session in discovering a sense of resolve and determination in developing team dynamics and social interactions.


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If you are interested in any Speaking engagements, Keynotes, or Workshops.

The main topics I discuss are Business-Design, Strategy and Strategical Thinking, Managing Human and Physical resources with particular attention on entry-level resources. Empathy, Creativity, Effectiveness, and Purpose.

I'm always open to customizing Talks and Workshops for each company or organization needs.

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