S1E7 — Entrepreneurship | Digital Neighbours


S1E7: Designing Strategy With Alberto Favaretto

How can young entrepreneurs find their niche? How can you become indispensable to your client? How do you tell them that making the logo bigger isn't enough? In this episode, GLC discusses bootstrapping and becoming a design entrepreneur with Chris Vilela and Katie Atwell from Digital Neighbours.

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Highlights & Show Notes

4:39 - C&K on sizing an opportunity

5:40 - GLC on First steps and focus

6:00 - C&K challenge of dealing with clients

12:00 - GLC on Guy Kawasaki and business metrics

22:00 - C&K on Educating your client

30:00 - GLC on Applying the model

35:05 - GLC on Business basics: selling your goods and services

39:00 - C&K on Finding your perfect client

45:00 - GLC on Creating a vision

54:00 - C&K on Building a network

58:20 - Drivers and screwdrivers

1:01 - GLC on Developing a strategy

1:08 -GLC on Designing vs decorating

1:09 - Wrapping up & Key Take Away

  1. Push beyond the scope of the project to make your work meaningful

  2. Don't be exploited - Set boundaries

  3. Set clear expectations from the beginningr