S1E5 — STRATEGY | Very Troubled Child


S1E5: Designing Strategy With Alberto Favaretto

How do we embrace failure? What do we have to learn by taking chances and making mistakes? What does game theory have to do with your career? In this episode, GLC discusses the trials and tribulations of business strategy with Alberto Favaretto of Very Troubled Child.

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Very Troubled Child

Quora - a millionaire by 35. How do I do this?

Quora - I want to quit my job and start my own business. Where should I start?

The Joy of Game Theory

Dollar Cost Average

Compound Interest


IG - @verytroubledchild

Highlights & Show Notes

03:10 - AF on Very Troubled Child

06:50 - AF on understanding strategy

09:50 - AF on the €1 bet

12:10 - AF on the relationship between product, theme and strategy

13:50 - AF on the Quora question

16:30 - AF on financial independence and saving

22:20 - AF on drastically increasing your income

25:10 - Forcing your boss to recognize your value

30:23 - AF on the use of game theory

31:30 - AF on DCA and compound interest

35:10 - GLC on the difference between strategy and tactics — what makes a strategy

39:05 - GLC introducing the Worksheet exercise

40:10 - GLC on the anatomy of strategy

49:20 - AF on googling how to make a bag

52:10 - AF on the first 8.5 bags, and having a vision

56:00 - AF on the first notebook

59:30 - AF on finding your niche

1:05:10 - AF and GLC on crafting a strategy

1:09:40 - Wrapping up & Key Take Away

  1. Don’t be afraid to find and serve your own niche

  2. Believe in your own abilities, but believe even more in the numbers.

  3. Enjoy the journey, and be patient with yourself.