S1E4 — EMPATHY | Microsoft


S1E4: Discovering Reverse Empathy With March Rogers

What makes empathy so important to a designer? How can we learn to empathize more effectively? In this episode, GLC speaks with March Rogers, Director of Product Design at Microsoft, app builder and podcast host himself, about the unexpected ways designers can use empathy to build better solutions.

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Lyra communication app for children with autism

Whitney Hess - On Empathy and Apathy

Twitter - @marchr

Linkedin Profile - March Rogers

Highlights & Show Notes

03:06 - MR on Empathy and Empathy as curiosity

04:33 - MR on ego and design and serving others.

05:47 - MR on Empathy as a tool to ground design & designer

06:27 - GLC on Ultimate Learning is teaching

07:22 - MR on Observation on teaching

08:34 - GLC on Maximizing true potential

13:55 - MR on Empathy and behaviours and practices

14:35 - MR on design from personal perspective and the role of designer

15:29 - MR gives Wonderfull example of understanding consumers

16:24 - MR on Feeling about the product

17:23 - MR on Serving trough the practice of design

17:52 - GLC on Empathy apathy and Effort

19:28 - GLC on developing an empathetic mindset

20:41 - GLC on developing an empathetic environment

22:08 - MR on building and empathetic culture within a team

23:39 - GLC on How every business problem is a design problem because ultimately it's a human problem.

27:52 - GLC on similarities between empathy and design

28:45 - GLC on good vs Bad Design

30:21- MR on Good and bad critique

32:33 - GLC on how to ask for critique

36:01 - MR on increasing your sensitivity

41:04 - GLC Design inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci

49:31 - GLC Reverse empathy exercise

56:15 - MR comments on the exercise

1:00 - MR on the importance of including customers in the design process

1:02 - Wrapping up & Key Take Away

  1. There's no wrong way to get to that empathetic insight;

  2. Empathy requires Time and Effort & Empathy exist on a spectrum;

  3. As designers we are at service of customer and avoiding being distracted by ego