S1E3: Building your Passion—Swapcast With Karena Belin

What can we learn about passion from the startup community? Is passion something you find, or something you do? How can you actively cultivate your own sense of purpose? In this episode, GLC discusses building passion and finding purpose with Startup community builder and serial co-founder Karena Belin from WHub.

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References & Links


Tom Chi - Rapid prototyping Google Glass

Kintsugi - 金継ぎ - golden joinery

Simon Sinek - Start with why

Ikigai - 生き甲斐 - a reason for being

Ikigai by Thomas Oppong

WHub - Angel Hub

Linkedin Profile - Karena Belin

Highlights & Show Notes

01:59 - KB on WHub and what is a Power Connector

03:59 - KB on #Startuppassion

05:08 - KB on what does it mean to be an entrepreneur

06:56 - KB on the evolution and forth era of entrepreneurship

10:33 - KB on new models of consumption

11:27 - KB on avoiding Idea fixation and rapid prototyping

12:04 - KB on embracing failure and except learning

13:25 - GLC The beauty of sustainable failure & Kintsugi

15:12 - KB on Program market fit & How to embrace learning

17:31 - GLC on Branding and long term vision vs short term vision

20:08 - GLC introducing the Worksheet exercise

23:03 - GLC on building passion vs finding passion

36:12 - KB on the 3 H in a startup. An Hipster a Hacker and a Hustler

37:20 - KB a gap in the market but there also must be a market in the gap.

42:26 - Wrapping up & Key Take Away

  1. Fall in love with the problem statement that's always true don't fall in love with the solution because that might need to evolve.;

  2. You have to build your purpose! You don't have to find purpose;

  3. Find somebody that complements your skillset. it can be a co-founder it can be an adviser and mentor;