S1E2 — Design-Centred business | IBM iX



What is a design centric business? How do build a design centric mentality? why is creativity important in business today? And how does chicken soup fits in all of this? In this episode, GLC discusses creativity & business and the flavourful blend of business and design. With Michael Tam - Chief Creative Catalyst @ IBM iX.

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References & Links


Design Value Index Study

HBR - Design Thinking By Tim Brown

IBM - Enterprise Design Thinking

Linkedin Profile - Michael Tam

Highlights & Show Notes

02:04 - MT on IBM iX which is the design consulting arm of IBM and we help our client transform their business. And my role is to put the user at the center of everything that our business should consider.

02:41 - GLC on Design Centric Company & the Design Value Index

03:12 - GLC A design centric company puts design and designers as a strategic driver of a business

Feature DMI DESIGN VALUE SCORECARD by By Michael Westcott, Steve Sato, Deb Mrazek, Rob Wallace, Surya Vanka, Carole Bilson, Dianne Hardin

06:52 - MT View on design thinking as a Mindset not a workshop

08:01 - GLC on design thinking as not a linear process but as a reiterative process

08:50 - MT explains IBM Enterprise Design Thinking

10:30 - GLC & MT on creativity

11:58 - GLC business historically is implemented and design is discovered.

12:57 - MT on Discovery But a lot of the time for business, especially in business design, does that discovery comes inwards.

14:36 - MT on Chicken soup analogy.

17:07 - GLC & MT work on the Time Machine exercise

24:50 - GLC on Reframing the challenge

30:43 - Wrapping up & Key Take Away

  1. Designers as strategic drivers of businesses;

  2. DT as a conversation tool to understand our user better ;

  3. Business design is discovery and this discovery needs to start from the inwards instead of outwards;

32:17 - MT on DT as a conversation starter as well as a conversation anchor. Because it anchors us on what the users wants