S1E1 — Business Design


S1E1: Five Fundamental Principles? with Gary Moran

Why doesn't design thinking go far enough? What is business design? In this episode, GLC discusses the fundamental relationship between business and design, with MA student and podcast producer Gary Moran.

We touch base on the Five fundamental principles Design thinking and more…

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Microsoft and Empathy

Xbox adaptive controller

Apple and the iPod

Highlights & Show Notes

02:34 - GM on His journey discovering design

07:16 - GLC on the difference between business and design. Traditionally business is implemented design is discovered.

08:01- GLC on the definition of Business-Design

10:55 - GLC on allowing the design process to guide you to the solution

12:54 - GLC on why he developed a Business-Design Model

14:51 - GLC on Design as a programmatic approach

16:20 - GLC on Discovering the Five elements

17:06 - GLC explains CHARACTER the ability of being unique and present the values in a unique way

17:40 - GLC explains DESIRE

19:26 - GLC explains that we don't want the product itself. We want the result.

20:07 - GLC explains EMPATHY and understanding what your target truly need

22:49 - GLC explains TRUST You don't earn trust. You demonstrate that you are trustworthy

23:21 - GLC on being HONEST, RELIABLE and COMPETENT.

25:14 - GLC on Embracing failure as part of growth


35:14 - GLC explains how to use the Model