The design beyond design

An Interview with My Friend and brilliant designer Nicola-Matteo Munari. I’m so proud of his work with Archivio Grafica Italiana. and honored to be featured in Designculture with some of this amazing and inspiring Masters.

Check it out is quite extensive and I loved the depth of questions Nicola asked. here is my favorite:

DC: So do you think is it possible to share a universal notion of design all around the world, today and in the future? Or do you think that is better and inevitable that people will have different notions of design, according to different cultures?
GlC: I think that is crucial to be open to more than one interpretation. For a designer, this might be extremely frustrating but it also opens up infinite possibilities if the idea of circular thinking is embraced.
   I believe that design and aesthetics are not synonyms. Design is a practice. Aesthetics is a principle. Different cultures will inevitably have different aesthetic sensibilities. In my opinion, a good practice is universal. Therefore, a good design practice can be shared by different cultures of the world. And a good design practice takes into consideration the differences in aesthetics.
   It’s essential to understand that design must shape cultures. While there are important differences between every market or target, there are many philosophical concerns that transcend cultural differences and there is much to be gained from seeing familiar problems in a new way.

Gianluca Cinquepalmi