Business Beyond Design

A new model to: Think Strategically, Foster Creativity and Transform Businesses

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About the book

There are several reasons why I decided to write this book. The main one was to satisfy my curiosity about the true meaning of business design. To look beyond the obvious and not just accept things the way they are, to investigate what’s out there and why. Over the years I have collected meaningful thoughts and best practices about design, branding and business. There is a ton of knowledge available at our fingertips, but it is surprising how little of it we actually grasp.

Why Beyond? One of my life undertakings is the reflection and fascination in creating designs that can be defined as “Timeless,” products and objects that become better with use, or those that possess an essential, effortless elegance. Experiences that remain remarkable, no matter our age or status. Likewise trying to challenge how our world moves and behaves nowadays, in a constant rush, with almost everything being made disposable, and with very little thought about the future impact of our actions. This requires to think and act beyond the norm.